BOG ART LEŻAKI - producer of deckchairs made of beech wood, deckchairs with print, director's chairs

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We are a wholesale manufacturer - most of the deckchairs we sell are without fabrics.
Nevertheless - we offer a ready-made material organization!
We realize individual orders.

The material from which we most often make canvases for deckchairs, chairs, etc. is 100% Polyester. It is coated on the bottom and its weight is about 220g / m2. This material is characterized by strength, durability, high resistance to weather conditions, abrasion, does not fade in the sun, does not stretch over time, and is waterproof. On special orders, we organize other fabrics, for example, elanocotton (35% Cotton 65% Polyester) or others.

We work with many printing houses and sewing rooms - possible prints on fabrics in any technologies, double-sided printing, embroidery, special hems, cushions, etc.

We also offer assembly of the fabric delivered to us from the client. Of course, on the occasion of such orders - we are able to pack products in perforated foil, 5-layer cardboard boxes, stick labels, etc. - so that the product is complete.

Fabric assembly technique.
We offer several solutions for mounting the fabric to chairs, loungers, etc. - in each of them you do not need to unscrew anything to replace the fabric - just remove the insert or a stick placed in the tunnel at the end of the fabric. The material can be removed for washing, printing at a later date. Lounger frame - can be used at many different events, personalized lounger fabrics created for events can be easily replaced.

Most of the deckchair models have the same fabric length, which solves the potential problems with a large amount of sewing and cutting dimensions for our customers - who decide to buy deckchairs without linen.